An attemp on the Culp-Bossier on Hallet's Peak / by Eric Dacus

Instead of cragging in Lumpy Ridge on Sunday Sam, Jon and I decided to give the Culp-Bossier on Hallet’s peak a go. We hiked in with Polly and Nelson who had already made plans to climb it. At the base of the route Polly wasn’t feeling so great (altitude?) and so she roped in with Jon and I. We got a bit off route and by the time we had sorted that out and rappelled back on-route Sam and Nelson had caught up to us, however it was also 10:15am and I had a flight to catch out of Denver that evening. At that point it was either bail or commit to the 6 pitches left to climb, 700 to 800 feet to descend, the hike out and be leaving Estes Park by 5… probably wasn’t in the cards. So, Sam and I rappelled and bailed. Polly, Jon and Nelson finished the route, and got back to the car around 8pm (which wouldn’t have worked out in my favor…). I’m bummed we didn’t get to finish the route, but it’ll be there to try again and it was worth it to try beat the uncertainty.

Hiking in pre-dawn

Hallet's Peak


flaking the ropes

Polly and Jon

rappelling back down to get on route

backing up the rappel anchor

&last rappel

From Saturday in Lumpy Ridge:

Looking down the first pitch of Osiris

Hiking out of Lumpy Ridge