Uintas skiing / by Eric Dacus

Its been several years since I’ve made it out to the Uintas to ski, and Sunday I got to ski below the notch between Bald Mountain and Reids Peak with Rich and Renee.

80% Deet

This stuff was almost mandatory, the mosquitos are out in force

mild 'shwacking

great day to be in the mountains

Looking back at the little bit of bushwacking, next up, boulder-hoping… then booting, then skiing

First turns

booting begins

Still booting

Almost to the end of the snow

slush turn 1

Rich dropping in

Back for more

back for more!

and pole plant

Tele-slush-turns. Photo by Rich

and round 2!

dark wall

We then booted up a different slop for a few more turns:

next turns!

Still have two months to try and find snow to link up things up for turns-all-year. Given how thin things were in the Uintas, September could be hard. 

[update]: All the rest of the photos can be found on Flickr