Zion Climbing / by Eric Dacus

Zion free climbing: sandstone, steep, gritty, windy, and worth going back for more. 


It was windy and we thought this route in a chimney would be shelter enough. From wind, yes it was. From all the grit the wind was blowing into the chimney, no it wasn’t.

Into the chimney

Upward into the wind and grit?

Do you want to climb one more pitch in the sandblaster? Nope.

The Rap

So we ran away.

How'd we get a knot?

Yes, that’s a knot. Skinny ropes seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

a redpoint


Enter the Dragon

Cam in a corner


Looking back down

To the belay

Face says it all

Polly was less than excited to find a chockstone to climb around…


Happy for tape gloves… good for fist cracks.

&Yellow flowers

The rest of the photos are on the Climbing 2011 set on Flickr.