Think Tank Photo Retrospective 20 Review / by Eric Dacus

A new favorite camera bag. 

New favorite camera bag

Lots of very well thought out space, modular velcro dividers, comfy shoulder strap and its not black! 


The quiet tabs really help being discrete. 


Lots of space.

On a recent trip, it held a 15mm, 24mm, 35mm, 28-135mm, a 70-200mm and the 5d body (no lenses attached). In addition, an iPad fits perfectly in the back sleeve. All the chargers, card readers, cards and spare batteries fits nicely in the front pocket. 

Most of the time I’ve got a flash, pocketwizards, two lenses and the 5d with a lens attached. This works out pretty easily, and less cluttered than carrying all the lenses listed above. 

I have been using it more for walking around and events, and its great for this. I wouldn’t want to use it hanging off a rope for climbing shots because without a waist-belt it doesn’t seem as secure.

My only main complaint is that the whole thing can collapse around a heavy lens and make things a little difficult to change out lenses without having to open the bag a bit. 

Think Tank Photo Retrospective 20