Spring skiing is fun. / by Eric Dacus

Found good snow as it warmed up both Saturday and Sunday. The lifts aren’t running any more at Alta and there’s still patches of snow that will get you up to Cardiff Pass and beyond. 

Lap 1

the view straight down

Lifts no longer in service

Steady progress

Good corn skiing

Almost never wrong to start early, the light’s better anyway. 

Dawn over Cardiff Pass

Headed up

Ski crampons were necessary

One headed up, one headed down

Headed down


Back up for more

iPhone shots from Cardiff Pass
(battery on the GX1 died, so switched to the iPhone.)

The Panasonic GX1+14mm f/2.5 was fun to try out for the weekend. Its not as much fun to use as the Fuji X-Pro1, the manual dials on the Fuji are much nicer than the menus and buttons on the GX1. I found that if I did not turn off the GX1 I would accidentally change its settings when I would pull it out of its bag while wearing gloves. The GX1 is a faster camera, both in ready-to-shoot time and autofocus. But if I had to pick, I’d take the Fuji even if its slower and has a quirky focus system. The easier solution to all this is just finding a lower profile camera bag for the 5d+small prime(s).