Skiing the Pfeifferhorn / by Eric Dacus

With softer snow conditions and better info that the south aspect of the Pfeiff is an easy ski descent (no cliffs to dodge, no rappelling, etc), we had to go back and try after last weeks tour. 

Morning light

Views like this of the mountains here and the morning light are always worth the early starts. 

Back to upper Red Pine


The snow was much softer this time, so we didn’t need the crampons until we got onto the east ridge, which made getting there much faster and easier. Good conditions make all the difference. 

The East Ridge

Now that the crampons are on, this is where we were headed.


Around the rock



Summit! Great view of everything around.


It felt really good to top out and to know there was going to be good skiing on the way out. I used to count a tour as a “good one” when I didn’t telemark-face-plant, very rewarding to know that time and effort can pay off.  

South face turns

Corn skiing

The edge

Back up and out

From here we had to skin back out of whatever drainage this was back into Red Pine and back to the car. We skied passed several hikers/snow-shoers on our way down, given the soft snow, we felt bad for them (sort of).