September 30th, Skied 12 for 12 / by Eric Dacus

One year of skiing each month. 

Managed to complete the ‘turns all year’ goal with Rich last Friday by getting some turns in up at Snowbird after work. An arbitrary objective? Sure. But, oh so very satisfying to hike in the dark and complete it on the last day even when giving up and settling for 11 of 12 would have been easy. 

We watched the last tram go up for the summit just as we pulled into the parking lot, so no cheating for the last month I guess. 


Brilliant sky to start hiking under. 


It was about now that the realization of hiking and skiing by headlamp was really starting to set in. 

Looking back

Last light.



8pm turns

Turns. By headlamp.

What we skied

What we skied.

12 for 12

Celebratory beers!