Mt Hood / by Eric Dacus

Day 2 of the Memorial Day weekend skiing outside of Hood River. 

We had a forecast for the next day that included 100% chance of 1-3” of snow and possible thunderstorms. So we didn’t get up super early, and didn’t bring all the mountaineering gear, figuring we’d at least get up past the Hood Meadows ski resort and get a few turns in on fresh snow. Why push it when the weather is going to be bad?

Mt Hood

Blue skys and Mt Hood sitting in the sun. It did eventually snow, but, not till the afternoon. 



Turns over the clouds

Over the rollover

Zack over the world

By now the clouds had started moving in again, and the familiar whiteout conditions ensued. We decided to go back up for one more lap since it wasn’t too socked in yet.


dodge the rocks


the drop

Feeling like we got Hood-faked with the weather, we went in search of beer & pizza. Double Mountain brewery and pizzeria did not disappoint.


long stares

We were all pretty tired after two days of skiing this much in a row.