Learn useful things / by Eric Dacus

The internals

The inside of my company’s new SolidWorks PDM server (had to add a firewire card to be able to use a Drobo FS for backups).

Learning to install operating systems, upgrading and building PC’s (windows or linux) has been one of the most useful skills I learned growing up. The best thing I could recommend someone coming out of highschool or in college would be to get familiar with the inter workings of a computer, learn a programming language and HTML regardless of their vocational field.  

As an aside, knowing what I’ve wanted to do and knowing what I don’t like doing has made all the difference in learning to enjoy my job. You don’t find out what you like or don’t like until you try something new, even programming.

A few things I wished I’d learned along the way: tuning a carburator, how to develop black & white film, and some more carpentry.