Its officially fall, but its still hot here / by Eric Dacus

The weather here didn’t get the memo that Summer should officially be over, highs for the next week in SLC are still in the upper 80s.  I was hoping more for high of 70, but oh well, went climbing anyway.  Wes was in town this weekend, and hadn’t climbing here before so we headed up to the Green A gully in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Great climbing was had. 






All of these were shot with a Canon S90. I haven’t used a point&shoot in several years, and we wanted to get a camera that Polly could take along on her trips, but one that I would also be happy shooting.  Pretty excited about this little camera (weighs less than one of my lenses…)  Image quality is good enough for me, especially given the weight. I can shoot it full manual, easy control over f-stop, aperture, focal length, ISO, etc.  Polly can also shoot it full auto if she wants. Seems like a good balance. 

If I could have my way, there’s be another full-frame digital rangefinder on the market besides a Leica M9. Spending $7000 on a camera (lenses are extra) isn’t something I’m willing (or able) to do, but lugging a 5 lb. dSLR up and around the mountains gets old. Hopefully the S90 will work out as a compromise for when weight really matters.