/ by Eric Dacus

Recursively within a frame

Headed out this weekend for the third weekend in a row on the road or in the air.  This time around the travel doesn’t feel tiresome though.  

Next week I’ll also be working on building a website for a friend and sitting down tonight to do the layouts was a great chance to creatively breath in through the process of coming up with some ideas. The goal was to do a new layout that I know I can make the HTML and CSS code for quickly.  I wanted something green, simple and new. No copying.

Great creative exercise. 

Having a reason to try something new but constraints on how it can get done seems a great way to stretch and grow.  

Back to the travel, its nice to know that creating things gives me a chance to breath in and knowing that balance can come in many forms. 

The photo above was from a moment between at my brother’s wedding last weekend. I like it.