Gnome bike tour / by Eric Dacus

The Salt Lake Arts Center has put on an event called Lawn Gnomes Eat Your Heart Out, and some friends biked along a route through Salt Lake on Sunday to have a look at some of the art. Some of it was pretty neat, some of it wasn’t at the address listed, and some of it, well, wasn’t that interesting. Great excuse to bike through the city. 

Test frame


Bar X

Riding through Liberty Park



Zach and Leigh

Also great excuse to load up the medium format camera and burn two rolls learning to shoot film. I really liked the process. The Pentax 6x7 I’ve got borrowed is manual everything: focus, exposure, winding, etc. It does have a pentaprism meter which helps a lot. The sunny f/16 rule does work pretty well as does the Pocket Light Meter app for iDevices. There is a definite anticipation associated with dropping off your film and having to wait to see how it all turns out. Also interesting is only have 10 exposures per roll… makes you think much harder about when you’re going to fire the shutter.