community / by Eric Dacus

Got together with some friends and ran into other friends unexpectedly at the SLC Living Traditions festival yesterday. Good food and music and an interesting cross-section of SLC, much more diverse than you find in the Sugarhouse area, and that’s a good thing. 

SLC Living Traditions festaval -1

The Sierra Leone All Stars

Mark. (though not expecting the camera)

Mmmm. Churros.

Running into folks we didn’t expect to see at this festival (I hadn’t heard about before Thursday) reinforced how much I like living here and that SLC isn’t that big of a city. It might seem like its harder to have a community around you in a larger city, but so far that’s not what we’ve experienced here.  Yeah, it took a year to break into things, but I imagine that would pretty similar anywhere.  We’ve seen a lot of people come and go and within a month or three some more will go, and some of those will come back.