Ancient Art / by Eric Dacus

A few weeks ago Polly and I got to climb in Arches National Park and the Fischer towers to kick off her return to climbing.  Being able to see her climb again was very welcome and hopefully brings the start of a new climbing season for her.  

We got the last campsite that Saturday night in the Fisher Towers and had a great meal and desert before climbing Ancient Art the next day.  Super interesting climbing and one of the wildest looking summits I’ve ever seen or read about. 

As a side note about climbing, its well worth the hike up to The Sail in Little Cottonwood. The climbing is better than I expected and I’m looking forward to exploring some other less traveled wall up the canyon. 


 Desert in the Fischer's 

Mmmm desert!


A toast to the next day’s climb


Polly freeing the first pitch


And Polly on the summit! Quit a climb to return to after many months of recovery away from climbing.  Very impressed.  

Had great “fun” getting the rope stuck and then unstuck after getting down on the ground and pulling the rope…