Why climbing? / by Eric Dacus

If climbing is an inherently nonsensical activity why pursue it? why expend effort and focus to get better at this ‘meaningless’ activity?  

I don’t know.

Indian Creek Oct 08-6

I’ve been trying to find an acceptable answer the this question for the last several years. 

Climbing is meditation. I’ve long since realized this is why I’m drawn to this kind of activity.

By ‘meditation’ I mean, having space to think. Feeling an emptiness in the mind that enables you to consider solutions to tough problems, or not-so-tough problems, or just, god forbid, to relax. I find I need doses of this space in regular intervals.

Annapurna Moonrise by Craig Mod

That essay might be a good start on an answer, and I know I’m looking forward to the wide desert space, learning to quiet the mind on a hard lead and finding inspiration in Indian Creek this week.