What's new? Lemme tell you... / by Eric Dacus

Polly Recovering

Canon 5d, 38mm@f/4, 1/80s, ISO800, bounced ETTL flash.

Polly is recovering well which means she’s making good progress and has times of feeling good and times of feeling uncomfortable. Its amazing how much you can’t do if you’re can’t flex or lift one of your legs.  I’m really happy to see her smiling in this picture.  Unfortunately, its been unbelievably busy at work this past week and I haven’t been able to help as much I would have liked.  So, its been a huge blessing to have Polly’s mom around to help give care and with the house.


I was able to get a flash this week and am looking forward to learning a new aspect of photography.  I don’t think I’ll get a second flash or anything fancy any time soon, but it’ll be fun to learn with for now.  The picture of Polly above was shot with it and that really made the shot possible (even at f/1.8 and ISO3200 it was too dim to take a picture).


I also picked up a Lexar FireWire800 CF card reader that makes bringing in RAW files so much easier and faster.  Also a bonus it daisy-chains right into the external hard-drive as well.  It really is too bad that Firewire didn’t take off more on PCs.  Works great on my Mac.