Thanksgiving 2009 / by Eric Dacus

We got to spend Thanksgiving day and weekend in Zion National Park this year with Polly’s whole family.  Somehow all the schedules aligned and we made it work.  One van-load of folks from Boise, a flight into SLC, and a car from California plus us.  The amount of vertical relief that makes up Zion Canyon is incredible, the walls aren’t as tall as say El Captain in Yosemite, but the canyon walls are so much closer in.  Had great time with the family.


Not the most amazing lighting, but gives scale of the place. The road is a 1000 feet down.


Polly’s hip was showing signs of recovery and she was able to hike to the top of Angel’s Landing!


Despite the hoards of people who do this hike every year, its still a really amazing summit. (More so for Polly since she did Prodigal Son up the east face).  The ridge-line that makes up the last 0.5 miles is very narrow with 1000 foot drops on both sides.


The chains that make it passible for non-climbers have been there a while…


Can’t complain about the view