Soccer in the park / by Eric Dacus

What do you do when the weather for the foreseeable future looks like this?

Didn’t go climbing… 

But recently, last two months or so, when the weather’s not good or the mountains are socked in, its been great to bust out the cleats and get pick-up games of soccer going in Liberty Park. 

Liberty Park Soccer-6.jpg

Liberty Park Soccer-2.jpg

I don’t normally bring the camera, but this time were only going to have 5 folks, and that means 2v2 and whoever scores subs out.  This leaves time for photos.  I’m currently trying to run up the learning curve to switching to prime lenses for the majority of my shooting. Moving targets made for good practice!  

Liberty Park Soccer-2.jpg

First half of a high-five…

Liberty Park Soccer-7.jpg

Several of us have played competitively before, some haven’t. But in the two months the passes have now gotten quicker and more accurate for everyone.  Yesterday we had a group of four join in and we were able to put together a 5v5 match that was pretty lively.  Good lighthearted competition.  

Liberty Park Soccer-4.jpg

Timing is everything…