Perfectionism and honesty / by Eric Dacus

From Alpinist Redpoints Cover Misses Onsight

A yellow size twelve typo on Alpinist 36’s full page, John Svenson-illustrated cover. For the editorial staff there wasn’t much discussion; the cover had to be reprinted. 

It wasn’t a hard decision, just a hard truth that we closed our eyes and swallowed. We reprinted the covers. When Alpinist 36 arrives at your door, the cover will be blemish free, as it should be. Some of us wanted to let the matter end there. It was an expensive fiasco, and not something we really needed/wanted to share with you, the reader. But we botched this lead, and we’ll admit it.

This kind of perfectionism and desire to produce a quality product along with the honesty to publicly admit mistakes and their solutions is impressive to see.