Mountair Mile Children's Race 2009 / by Eric Dacus


I got to volunteer to shoot photos of the Mountair Mile Children’s Race last Saturday, and I’ve finally gotten some of the photos up on Flickr.  It was the first event that I’ve gotten to cover as ‘the photographer’ and it was a challenging experience.  The first half of things I was trying to find photos that told the story of the race and then during the race I was just trying to get the Autofocus to keep up with the kids.


The Canon 5d can do sports, but you’ve got to help it along.  I was definitely wishing for something with faster autofocus. And speaking of faster, f/4 just doesn’t seem to be a wide enough aperture at the 70-200mm range to really separate subject from background unless you’re right on top of them.  For walking around an event looking for photos, the 17-40mm lens was just too wide most of the time, now I can see why someone would want a 24-70 or a 24-105mm lens.

The race is a great cause and if you live in SLC, it would definitely be worth checking out last year.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.

All the photos are here: Flickr: Mountair Mile Children’s Race