Learning / by Eric Dacus

Uintas in Medium Format

First scanned frame from filling a roll of 120 with the medium format camera I’ve borrowed.



I can see why folks enjoy film over digital: slowness and deliberateness are required and pay off. While I know that the camera and lenses that I have can produce amazing results, the learning curve is pretty intimidating. What’s more frustrating is that I can see more feature detail and tones in the negative than what are in the scan or the printed proofs I got back. I was hoping to just scan the negative and then do my normal post processing… so much for that. I think my iPhone would have taken about the same quality as seen above. Always room to learn more I guess, and I shouldn’t have expected to get it right the first time.

I’ll ¬†keep working with the camera to see if I can get better results, but no way am I switching away from digital…