/ by Eric Dacus

Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire

and face, unafraid, the plans that we’ve made

From the song “Walking In a Winter Wonderland” via Jake Freedom, and he has a great way of looking at the lyrics and sums it up thus:

The dream life. The best possible things you can imagine.

That’s one thing.

And then to face, unafraid, the plans that you’ve made?

Well, that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

It can be hard to dream, to hope that there’s a way forward in this world because of the fear of failing or the fear of having that hope dashed.  Life = Risk.

Man. That’s where real life is. That’s where it lives.

Step out and do it. Don’t be all talk. Face, unafraid, the plans that you’ve made.

So exciting. Such a thrill. The possibility of making your future exactly how you planned it out, instead of just letting it happen to you, letting it fall out of on the table wherever it falls.

You do it. You make it happen.

I also found this last week:

A life free from risk is a life bereft of liberty, a life of bondage, and it kills the human spirit. This fact has never and will never change

Design ViewRisk

This kind of risk-taking isn’t jumping off a cliff for the sake of trying to fly, its the kind that says I have a good dream, a good idea, something to fight for, and I won’t stop until I’ve tried everything I can to make it work.

Inspiration for the week:  There’s a guy in Canada whose going to attempt to climb ice for 24 hours this January to raise money and awareness for the dZi Foundation to help the poor in the remote Himalaya. But there’s not much climbable ice right now in Canmore, so apparently he decided to train all-out in his back yard. 16ft up. 16 ft down. 32 laps nets about 1000 ft of vertical. On, and on, and on…  (see previous posted video)

That’s trying everything.