Fog and empty space / by Eric Dacus

To contrast last weekends cobalt blue skies and biting cold, this weekend was gray, foggy and warm. Visibility was nil most of the day, and finding the difference between snow from sky was done by feel. We toured out of Alta to Catherine’s pass for a run and then back out and over to Grizzly Bowl. Really fun to be out and moving along the ridge lines, if we could have seen, it would be been kinda exposed in places. 

What a view?

The start

I wanted to keep working on using one lens, in this case a 24mm prime, to tell the whole story.  Given all the fog and flat light, I also wanted to try use all the empty space to convey not just what it looked like but what it felt like: the twinge of disorientation before we dropped in, the mild uncertainty of not knowing exactly where we were on the boot-pack relative to the landmarks we wanted to find, and the isolation from the landscape we were traversing. 

Furthest view of the day

Turns were much better than in-bounds and well worth the effort (as always) to get out-and-away. 

More up

The rest of the photos are on Flickr